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Which kingdoms helped Pandavas in the Kurukshetra battle?


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How about we realize who were the Kings who collected for Pandavas in The Great Kurukshetra Battle of Mahabharata :

Reference :

Vaishampayana stated, 'The courageous maharatha Satyaki of the Satvatas at that point showed up with an enormous armed force, with the four sorts of powers, before Yudhishthira. His monstrously valorous heroes had shown up from numerous nations. They were bold and employed numerous weapons. The military was delightful. It had battleaxes, slings, lances, lances, clubs, spears, blades, tomahawks, nooses, immaculate scimitars, swords,116 bows, caps and a wide range of sorts of bolts that had been washed in oil. With every one of these weapons, that military amazed like a cloud. The fighters shone, such as lightning amidst a cloud. O ruler! That akshouhini of officers joined Yudhishthira's military and having entered, evaporated, similar to a little stream into the sea. Likewise, Dhrishtaketu, bull among the Chedis, brought an akshouhini to the unendingly fiery Pandavas. Jayatsena of Magadha, Jarasandha's child, shown up before Dharmaraja with one akshouhini of troopers. O Indra among lords! Pandya, who abided by the shores of the sea, shown up before Yudhishthira, encompassed by numerous sorts of fighters. At the point when that power showed up, the officers looked very brilliant. O lord! Solid and all around attired, it was deserving of being taken a gander at. Drupada had a military that comprised of officers from numerous locales. There were attractive and daring men and his maharatha children as well. Ruler Virata of Matsya, the master of a military, went to the Pandavas, with rulers from the uneven locales. Thusly, the incredible souled children of Pandu gathered seven akshouhinis. They had numerous banners. The Pandavas wished to battle with the Kurus and this pleased them.

Reference : Udyoga Parva Section Forty-Nine Udyoga Parva Chapter 682(19)

The 7 Akshouhinis of Pandavas had : Satyaki of Satvatas + Dhrishtaketu of Chedis + Jayatsena of Magadha + Pandya from South + Drupada of Panchala + Virata of Matsya + Kings from Mountainous areas



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