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Which lasts longer on interior walls - paint or wallpaper?


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When it comes to durability, wallpapers beat paints by a large margin. At best, they can last three times longer than paint.

Generally put, wall paint lasts for anywhere between three and five years. Wallpaper can last for anywhere between 10 to 15 years.

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Now that said, this doesn’t mean the durability of wallpapers is given or guaranteed. They are prone to tearing. (Something that is quite common for households with kids.) And when that happens, you will have to redo the stripping and pasting which would take more time.

Of course, the durability of paint, too, depends on many factors. Areas used most experience fade and flake faster.

So, in short, to answer your question: wallpaper lasts longer than paint on interior walls.

But here’s a thing… Deciding between paint and wallpaper includes many different factors aside from durability.

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You must also consider:

· Cost: Wallpaper is costlier than wall paint.

· Variety: Both come with seamless varieties. However, one may lag behind the other if you’re looking for very unique and creative variety.

· Ease of Application: Painting is easier and convenient. Wallpapers application requires an expert. It takes more time comparatively.

There are various other factors like the kind of house you have, whose room you’re applying to (it’s best to avoid wallpapers in kids’ rooms), and more.

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Hope this answers your question.


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