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Which movie should I consider watching among “The Accidental Prime Minister”, “Uri: The Surgical Strike”, and “Petta”?


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Oh, it’s not a tough question to answer as each of the three movies has its own attractions and turn-offs. So it will largely depend on your taste as to which movie will suit you better.

All the three movies were released on the same day (last Friday that is) and all of them have something essential.

While The Accidental Prime Minister is being regarded as nothing more than a political propagandist movie, Uri: The Surgical Strike relates to the happenings of the surgical strike by Indian soldiers against Pakistan. These two movies, henceforth, are based on real incidents and occurring. Petta, on the other hand, has its own flair as a Rajnikanth movie.

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If you ask me to give a comparative review of the three movies, I would say that Uri: The Surgical Strike is the best of the three, if you are not a Rajnikanth fan.

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Although The Accidental Prime Minister has earned quite well at the Box Office in its opening weekend, the critique of the movie is majorly negative all over. The Vijay Ratnakar Gutte- directed movie is said to be devoid of all the craft and skill that a movie should have. Also, it is a partial take on the two-time tenure of Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India. The film shows the storyteller (Sanjay Baru) breaking the fourth wall but for no good. The events of the movie can be easily predicted by the trailer, and there is no artistic endeavor involved in the movie to look forward to.

Now coming to Petta, along with Rajnikanth, the movie has Nawazuddin Siddique as the cherry on the cake. Siddique's presence on the screen, however, is highly dominated by The Thaliava. The story is again, the predictable Tamil drama, but has a new style, owing to its director, Kartik Subbaraj.

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So I’d go with Uri: The Surgical Strike, which stands apart from the other soldier and Indian Army movies, as it has both emotions and nuance, rather than just emotions. In addition, Vicky Kaushal has again done a commendable job as an Indian army officer, and the rest of the cast is also quite satisfactory.


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