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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Which new manifesto has Congress released in Varanasi?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

In General Elections 2019, the seat of Varanasi is holding a special importance. From BJP, PM Narrendra Modi is himself fighting for Varanasi in these elections, and is given competition by Congress’s Ajay Rai. To ensure his victory in the elections, Congress has released a whole new manifesto in Varanasi, which is being called as Vachan Patra.


To release this manifesto, Congress’s national speaker, Pankhudi Pathak and the caqndidate Ajay Rai himself attended the ceremony and introduced the Vachan Patra in their own words. This manifesto includes the promise of Congress’s new industrial development, the establishment of AIIMS, and development in metro. In addition, it includes the restoration of river Ganga and the old temples of Varanasi.

Pankhudi Pathak emphasized on the fact that BJP has done nothing for the welfare of the holy city, but Congress will fulfill all the promises it is making. Vachan Patra also talks of the establishment of the University of Arts and Music, the promotion of handicraft industry, the development of dairy industry, a separate status for Kashi Vidyapeeth, and the promotion of tourism.

The promises boast of bringing a developmental wave in Varanasi if Congress came to power. And all these promises are again attracting the public of Varanasi quite well.