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Admin | Posted on | Education

which one are the best engineering colleges in world??


HVAC Engineer | Posted on

Best engineering colleges in world


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States

2  Stanford University United States
3  Harvard University United States
4  California Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States
5  University of Oxford United Kingdom
6  University of Cambridge United Kingdom
7  ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland


@student | Posted on

1. NITK, - Everything is good from research to college life to placements. 10/10.
2. MIT, Manipal.
Has a 2 year choice for BE in India, 2 years abroad, good placements, respectable campus life, plenty of departments to choose from.
3. Bangalore, RVCE.
RVCE is equivalent to most NITs. Good placements, a good band, good placements as well. Known for its digital cell. 8/10. It's 8/10.
4. PESU-Campus Main.
That's as good as RVCE. Better known for the atmosphere of Hackathon. Once again, 8/10. Departments such as EC and Mech are not as great as those of RV.


Blogger | Posted on

University of Cambridge  is the  best engineering colleges in world


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