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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Which places in India I can visit that are less crowded?


System Engineer IBM | Posted on

Tired of the city traffic, noise and mess? Well, travellingis the best therapy. But in India going from one city to another doesn't change that much things for you if you are looking for some exquisite places that are less crowded and where no one will disturb your bubble?

Here are five places that are far and far away from people:

1.Haflong, Assam

What more do you need than mountains, forests, and lakes? The answer is nothing. The breathtaking views never stop taking your breath away in the whole of Assam, especially in Haflong.

2.Badami Caves, Karnatak

The abstract rock formation contains 4 Hindu temples where you can pray all day long and find perfect solitude. On top of that, the caves are surrounded by a picturesque lake, where you can paddle off into the distance with no care in the world.

3.Little Andaman, Andaman Islands

A perfect getaway from city life. No traffic and pollution. A perfect place for someone who likes to enjoy some quality time alone because, hardly anyone can be seen here for miles and miles.

4. Edakkal Caves, Kerala

The historic unique caves fascinate everyone. Located in a remotelocation away from all civilization. You can trek here while looking at fascinating art engraved into the cave walls.

5. West Ladakh Camp, Jammu and Kashmir

Frankly speaking, if you really want to have a good time and clear your mind with all city chaos then there will not be a better place than this camp. Just lying down under the sky of full stars at night is the best way to calm your nerves.



blogger | Posted on

some of the places that less crowded in india and worth to vist are:

  • mawlynnong ,meghalaya
  • halebid, karnataka
  • majuli. assam
  • khajjar ,himanchal pradesh
  • gokarna,karnataka