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Which SDP is the best in India for a shorter time?


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Bajaj Finance provides Systematic Deposit Plan bundled with a range of features and benefits. Such plans are ideal for those who want to start investing in fixed deposits but lack a lump sum amount to do the same.

How can one invest in SDPs?

SDP plans are safer than traditional investments in equities and mutual funds. The primary benefit of these options is that one can deposit limited amounts every month. Thus, individuals who lack substantial disposable income can opt for a systematic deposit plan.


The tenor for an SDP plan can range between one and five years. Individuals free to choose any period, as per your goals.

Features of SDP

An ideal Systematic Deposit Plan offers a range of benefits, which include the following –
Monthly deposits start from as low as Rs.5,000. Thus, individuals with limited income can take advantage of these plans. Further, there is no upper limit for deposits.

Monthly deposit amounts can be increased or decreased within the tenor. Thus, if your income increases substantially, you can start depositing greater amounts and look for better returns.

An SDP plan allows you to skip a month’s payment without any additional penalties. Thus, if you are under a great financial strain, feel free to avoid depositing the sum for that month.

Loan against systematic deposit plans is also available, just as you can avail credit against your fixed deposit. This can also help curtail financial shortfalls.

Premature withdrawal is another option that is open to account holders in case of financial emergencies. However, one can only withdraw from a deposit that is older than 3 months.

Regardless of whether you are looking for short-term gains or want to achieve long-term financial goals, a Systematic Deposit Plan can be a simple way of ensuring the same.