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Which share is giving the best returns for the last 10 years in Indian stock Market?


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There are more than a few stocks that have been delivering big to the investors consistently for the past 10 years. While past record doesn’t really guarantee a similar future, it can help you make a good decision.

Among the top stocks that have done wonders over the course, includes Bata India and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries. These two have had a great growth in the past decade.

Bata India, for instance, has been continuously growing its operation which has massively fueled its stature on the stock market. Similarly, Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries has been on the way to expand its operations across India and globally. This has kept its stock returns very consistent.

Other options include Infosys, Zee Entertainment, Hero MotoCorp, GoodYear India, Bosch, Supreme Industries, CRISIL, Rolta India and HDFC Bank. These are incredibly established and reputed names with great management. If you’re in this game for a long-term, these stocks that have been delivering big over the past 10 years are your great choice.



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There are a million penny stocks which have given returns of over 50,000% or gone up multiple times in most recent one year because of round exchanges by the advertisers and their accomplices. They are essentially attempting to rope in clueless tenderfoots to purchase the offers and lose their well deserved cash. SEBI would in the end find them.

For somebody who is new to the financial exchanges it is constantly a smart thought to move toward the market through thutual subsidize course.