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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | Entertainment

Which TV series is better: FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother?


Creative director | Posted on

 It’s a difficult question for a fan to answer. Only those, who have watched all the seasons of FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother religiously, can understand this debate. Both the series hit the television screens at very different times, and both of them won audience’s hearts equally. Both of the American series are set in New York City and have a group of friends experiencing life there.

Now, which show is better? Let’s find it out through a comparison:

• Characters: Both the series revolve around six friends but the basic difference between the two is: While FRIENDS show all the friends as equally important characters, How I Met Your Mother has Ted as the protagonist with other friends playing side roles. In the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Tracy are not even shown properly.

Entertainment: The fact that FRIENDS surpasses all the TV series in entertainment, is indisputable. There is no FRIENDS episode which lacks the fun and entertainmemnt factor. On the other hand, you can find many such episodes in How I Met Your Mother where you can barely keep awake, let alone have fun and laugh.

Ideal Personalities: There’s no doubt in the fact that both the series have such characters from whom you can draw inspiration and lessons for your life. Monica and Chandler adopting two children; Rachel’s journey from nothing to a successful woman; Marshall chasing his dreams and making them true; and Robin never giving up his ideals despite everything, present a fair example for the audience. But if we see both the series in their entirety, FRIENDS have many more examples to set than How I Met Your Mother. 

True Meaning of Friendship: The lesson of friendship which FRIENDS teaches us, can’t be taught through any other TV series. FRIENDS give us the lesson of never leaving your friends in any situation very beautifully and simply. Robin stay away from his friends in How I Met Your Mother can’t be an example of a good friendship, after all.

Reality: FRIENDS is far more real as well as original than How I Met Your Mother. The love story of Robin and Ted is more or less similar to Ross and Rachel, and Ted leaving Victoria for Robin is very clearly copied from Ross leaving Emily for Rachel.

By now, it must be clear that I consider FRIENDS better than How I Met Your Mother, and why is it so, must have also been cleared.

(Translated from Hindi by Meetali)


student | Posted on

FRIENDS is really good Series. I am watching it for a long time and really enjoy watching it. 
I watch Friends mostly while having my meals :)


Blogger | Posted on

I have to pick "Friends" as my favorite over "How I Met Your Mother." I think "HIMYM" wins when it comes to production value and story, but "Friends" wins the battle of pure comedy and endearing characters.