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Which wrestler can become the next universal champion after defeating Brock Lesnar?


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As the WrestleMania season is progressing rapidly, predictions are that Brock Lesnar is soon to lose his Universal Champion’s title, which he won after defeating Braun Strowman in WWE crown jewel.

WrestleMania fans are also predicting which wrestler can be the next in line to win the most coveted title of WWE, and the following three names are on everyone’s tongue.

• The Rock

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Now a successful American actor and producer, The rock, has not endured any wrestling match for more than 30 seconds after his 2013 WrestleMania face-off against John Cena. As he was injured during that face-off, he has not fought any serious match since then.

The predictions are being made now that wrestling fans will see The Rock back in the ring, to fight Lesnar and claim his title. The only hurdle that can come in between WrestleMania and The Rock is his Hollywood schedule.

For the WWE rematch between The Rock and Lesnar in Kingdom, Saudi Arabia WWE is rumored to have bid quite a lot of money.

• Drew McIntyre

wwe-universal-champion-title-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Wrestling Rumors)

After WrestleMania 34, McIntyre is in good form and is already reigning on the Raw tag team championship, along with Dolph Ziggler, as a top wrestler.

A face-off between Lesnar and McIntyre is much awaited by all the fans.

• Braun Strowman

wwe-universal-champion-title-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: gear4geeks.co.uk)

He has missed five good chances of regaining the title after WrestleMania 33. So his fans are quite ambitious about the sixth chance he will get to avenge his defeat in 2017 crown jewels.

Gone on a hiatus after his injury, Braun has already challenged Brock through Paul Heyman.


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