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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted 19 Sep, 2018 |

Which yoga postures is good to improve digestion?

Anil Yogacharya

yogacharya at Dwarka Sports Complex | |Updated 19 Sep, 2018

To look for the ways of improving digestion, first we need to understand our digestive system. For the improvement of digestion, only one or two yoga postures would not be enough. For that, you’d have to lead a lifestyle as per the rules of Yoga.

You’d have to get rid of those substances in your food, which tend to stick in your bowels. Food taken at the time, when you are not hungry, also disturbs your digestive system. Food should be taken according to the timings of the Sun. For example, in the morning, when the Sun comes up, your hunger is at its par. Having a heavy breakfast, thus, would benefit your digestion. On the contrary, when the Sun goes down, and you are in not in need of much food, you should take something light and easily digestible.

The Yoga postures which can benefit your digestive system are many, which involves shrinking of the stomach and intestines. Some major yoga postures for digestive system are as follows:

Manduk Aasan, Uttanpaad Aasan, Ardhmatsyendra Aasan, etc. Manduk Aasan presses the stomach, Uttanpad Aasan transfers the weight of feet on to the stomach, and Ardhmatsyendra Aasan is for the improvement of liver.

Manduk Aasan:


Uttanpaad Aasan:

Ardhmatsyendra Aasan:


In the organs of digestive system, liver has the utmost importance, and liver improves by increasing the amount of fiber in food. Dietary Fibers in food improve the digestive system and the bowels.  

Translated from Hindi by LetsDiskuss