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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted 19 Sep, 2018 |

Which yoga postures is good to improve digestion?

Hith Yoga

blogger | Posted 24 Sep, 2020

Indigestion and bloating are quite common these days. Most of the people feel bloated when they overeat or drink plenty of water. Problems in the digestive system are quite complicated and disrupt the whole functioning of the body. It leads to constipation and cramps in the stomach, which causes uneasiness and makes the body feel lethargic and weak. Therefore, it is necessary that the digestive system should work properly so that the body can be active and energetic.
We take medicines to treat indigestion and constipation or resort to some home remedies which might give temporary relief for a short span of time. But if we want results that are permanent and work in the long run, then yoga can be a great option. Yoga will help cleanse and flush out all the toxic waste from the body and stimulate good digestion. There are many yoga postures which are believed to work specifically for improving digestion. These asanas will boost the metabolism and help the body in processing and digesting the food properly.
Yoga postures to improve digestion

Let’s discuss some yoga postures that can be very effective and provide relief from indigestion.

Ardha Matsyendrasana- this asana is quite helpful in digestion. It cleanses out the toxins from the digestive system and brings and circulates new blood in the digestive system. It involves twists which are quite helpful in improving digestion. It increases the blood flow into the body and flushes out the old blood. Thus, the blood is regenerated, and the digestive system works in a better manner.

Mayurasana- this particular pose is also beneficial for improving digestion. It increases the appetite and increases the body’s ability to digest it. The posture puts pressure on the digestive organs of the body, which cuts the flow of blood from the body for some time. Then after practising new blood flows into the organs which are rich in nutrients and improve the digestive system.

Savasana- one of the most comfortable and most versatile asanas which help in healing the body. This asana allows you to rest comfortably and takes away all the stress. The blood flows from your other body to your digestive system. Your heartbeat will slow, and breathing will deepen. All this will help increase the flow of oxygen into your digestive system and cleanse your body from within.

Pavanamuktasana- this pose is beneficial in dealing with digestive problems and curbing constipation. It makes the movement of the bowels more comfortable and soft, which eliminates all the waste from the body. Thus keeping the body free from gaseous problems and improving digestion.

These are some yoga postures that are quite effective in dealing with indigestion and improving the digestive system. If the digestive system is working correctly, the whole body remains healthy and fit. Yoga can help do this efficiently and effectively.

Anil Yogacharya

yogacharya at Dwarka Sports Complex | |Updated 19 Sep, 2018

To look for the ways of improving digestion, first we need to understand our digestive system. For the improvement of digestion, only one or two yoga postures would not be enough. For that, you’d have to lead a lifestyle as per the rules of Yoga.

You’d have to get rid of those substances in your food, which tend to stick in your bowels. Food taken at the time, when you are not hungry, also disturbs your digestive system. Food should be taken according to the timings of the Sun. For example, in the morning, when the Sun comes up, your hunger is at its par. Having a heavy breakfast, thus, would benefit your digestion. On the contrary, when the Sun goes down, and you are in not in need of much food, you should take something light and easily digestible.

The Yoga postures which can benefit your digestive system are many, which involves shrinking of the stomach and intestines. Some major yoga postures for digestive system are as follows:

Manduk Aasan, Uttanpaad Aasan, Ardhmatsyendra Aasan, etc. Manduk Aasan presses the stomach, Uttanpad Aasan transfers the weight of feet on to the stomach, and Ardhmatsyendra Aasan is for the improvement of liver.

Manduk Aasan:


Uttanpaad Aasan:

Ardhmatsyendra Aasan:


In the organs of digestive system, liver has the utmost importance, and liver improves by increasing the amount of fiber in food. Dietary Fibers in food improve the digestive system and the bowels.  

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