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Which yoga would be beneficial to prevent heart diseases?


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All the parts of our body have their own importance and significance, but heart and brain are the most important part of our body. Talking about human heart, 80% of humans today are suffering from heart diseases. The reasons behind this trend are different and varied.


Before knowing the yoga beneficial for heart diseases, we need to understand the reasons behind them.

Due to excessive fat

Those who have excessive fat in their body, are more vulnerable to heart diseases. Excessive fat does not only cause heart diseases, but many other problems as well. Yoga and exercise helps in reducing fat and hence the probability of such diseases coming your way.

Mental stress

Stress is one of the biggest reasons of heart diseases. Busy routine, family relationships, and emotional problems, give way to stress very easily and when your brain is suffering from excessive pressure, your heart too gets affected.


Junk food, oily food items, and so on also cause heart diseases. Not paying much attention on food habits and routine makes us vulnerable to heart problems. This also owes to busy life and lack of routine. Having more and more green vegetables, and avoiding the use of sugar entirely can help you improve your food habits.

How can Yoga Help?

• Never indulge in any yoga posture which involves upside down position.
• Walking is very good for heart but avoid running if you are a heart patient.
• Anulom-Vilom and Pranayam are the best yoga postures to cure and prevent heart diseases.


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