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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | Sports

Who (and why) would you call the luckiest cricketer of all time?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There are many cricketers who are lucky. For example, MS Dhoni. Yes, he is a legend with exceptional skill and instinct, However, to get where he is right now, one also requires a stroke of luck every once in a while. And he has got that multiple times in his storied career—be it with his bet on Joginder Sharma for the final over in the T20 world cup in 2007 or letting Ishant Sharma bowl in the 18th over of Champions Trophy Final 2013. So, I would always rank Dhoni at the very top of the luckiest cricketers list. But like they say, luck only supports those who work hard.

Aside from him, funnily, Piyush Chawla, too, ranks on luckiest crickets list. He was a part of T20 world cup winning team in 2007, getting all the recognition, accolades and prizes like everyone. Funny thing? He didn’t even play a single match. Something similar happened in the World Cup 2011. He played just 3 matches, becoming a secondary choice to R. Ashwin. The team won the tournament, and Piyush, again, got all the accolades and prizes without much of a contribution.

Another player that comes to the mind when talking about the luckiest cricketers list is David Hussey. He flew to Indian to be a commentator in IPL. However, CSK decided to have him on the team after they lost Dwayne Bravo due to injury. Hussey managed to become an integral part of the team, playing many crucial innings. How lucky is that? You come to be a part of the broadcasting team. And the next thing you know is you’re playing for a team like CSK, alongside Dhoni. Lucky!

There are many other names in cricket who has been very lucky at times. In fact, every big player, they must have been lucky at one time or other in their career. Because to get to the top, you must work hard. But, at times, you also require your luck in your favor.