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Who are the 5 richest Hollywood actors?


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Acting is a profession which provides fame and money all together, it’s no less of a profession where one cannot turn into a fabulously wealthy person. There are numerous actor’s who have turned into multi millionaire and billionaire individuals, the fortunate few get a chance to be a part of multi millionaire dollar royalties and projects which helps them earning handsome amounts of money due to the high grossing rates of the movies and franchises.
There are so many actors and movies which we are fond of, we never miss an opportunity to get little glimpses of them. Have you ever wondered about their lifestyles, net gross, interests and what not. Here I mention 5 world’s richest actors, whose net worth’s will leave you amazed.
1. JerrySeinfeld
(net worth $950 million )
Jerry is the richest actor in the world as of now, he’s just $50 million away from being a billionaire.
He is famously known for is acting in movies “Louie”, “curb your enthusiasm” and “30 rock”, he received immense fame from his long running and successful weekly show Sitcom “Seinfeld”. While the shoot of its last season we came to know that the actor was earning an extremely heavy amount of $1 million per episode.
2. TylerPerry
(net worth $600 million)
Tyler is a well known American actor, he’s the third richest actor in the world currently. His most famous and profitable movies are “Why did I get married?” and “ Daddy’s little girls” these are just few of the highest grossing projects. Tyler is also a director and writer and he’s been fortunate enough in both the field’s.
3. TomCruise
( net worth $570 million)
Tom is the forth richest actor of the world, he’s an international sensation and the best actor of the world as stated by his fans worldwide. Tom is an excellent and brilliant actor and is best known for his actions film’s. He is a film producer as well.
4. GeorgeClooney
(net worth $500 million)
George is the fifth richest actor in the world, he has earned a lot of money by working in dozens of films throughout his successful acting career, but films like “Three Kings” , “Ocean's Eleven” and “Syriana” were the highest grossing films on the box office.
5. Mel Gibson
(net worth $425 million)
Mel Gibson is the sixth richest actor in the world, he’s a director and producer as well. His best known works are “ The passion of the Christ”, Gibson made his entry to Hollywood with a film named “ Anzacs”, it was the biggest breakout of his career and he was recognised as an amazing actor because of his talent and acting abilities. Gibson has earned a lot of money being a part of the Hollywood industry.




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