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Aadit Vora

Aadit Vora

ceo | Posted 04 Nov, 2020 |

Who are the founders of Urban Company?

Aadit Vora


Posted 24 Dec, 2020

1. Abhiraj Bhal

2. Raghav Chandra

3. Varun Khaitan

are the founders of Urban Company.

Abhiraj Bhal an engineer from IIT-K and an MBA from IIM-A after working with Boston consulting group, Singapore for 3 years, along with his batchmate Varun from IIT-K and BCG America and a mutual friend Raghav Chandra from the University of California Berkeley and Twitter, Yelp co-founded UrbanClap in November 2014.

UrbanClap was renamed Urban Company in early 2020.

Aadit Vora


Posted 31 Dec, 2020

Abhirah Bhal, Varun Khaitan & Raghav Chandra co-founded UrbanClap (now known as UrbanCompany) in 2014.

Mr. Abhiraj Bhal - an IIT Kanpur & an IIM-A postgraduate, was working as a consultant with the BCG before moving to India in the year 2013.

Varun Khaitan - Abhiraj’s Batch mate at IIT Kanpur, he also was working as a consultant with the BCG.

Raghav Chandra - An engineer from the University of California, Berkeley, had worked with organizations like Twitter & Yelp.