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Who are the top 10 greatest Hindu warriors in Indian history who could fight against any invader?


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1.Chandragupta Maurya:- The Founder and first head of Mauryan administration Samrat Chandragupta Maurya battled Selucus Nicator , once General of Alexander in 305 BC. Broadly Known as Mauryan Selucid war where Chandragupta totally crushed seculus and furthermore wedded his little girl Helena as a component of never-ending arrangement with Mauryas.

2. Bappa Rawal:- The Founder of Mewar kingdom.Bappa Rawal drove the Indian joined armed forces in skirmish of Rajasthan against Arabs. The comibed multitudes of Rajputs with Gurjar pratiharas like Nagabhatta I and Vikramaditya II made a consolidated power and it was driven by Bappa Rawal the ruler of Mewar. Bappa Rawal vanquished Arabs in clash of Rajasthan as well as Chased them till sindh.

3. Lalitaditya Muktapida:- Lalitaditya the lord of Kashmir from karkota Dynasty was amazing leader of India. After disappointment against Bappa Rawal and gurjar Pratihara powers Arabs attempted to open front from northern generally front. Junaid the Arab governer of sindh opened front against India on requests of Caliph Hisham. Lalitaditya around then held hands with his sworn adversary lord Yashovarmam of Kannuaj and Routed the Armies of Junaid and Arabs. Otherwise called Alexander of India.

4. Gauramiputra Satakarni:- Satakarni the head of Satvahana tradition was likewise one of the extraordinary lords of India. He vanquished Sakas ans indo greek intruders. As per the engraving of his mom, he vanquished the Sakas, otherwise called the Western Kshatrapas; the Indo-Parthians likewise called Pahlavas; and the Indo-Greeks.

5. Rajendra Chola:- Rajendra chola the strong head of South India really drove Naval intrusion in South East Asia. He vanquished the cutting edge Malaysia which was decided by Srivajaya around then. Additionally he caught the southern Thailand, Andaman Nicobar and a few pieces of Indonesia of that time. Rajendra Chola was surely a strong head with imposing Naval force.

6. Maharana Pratap:- Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar. Battled the pariah Mughals entire life. stalemated them in Haldighati. Incurred Crushing Defeat on Mughals in clash of Diwer in 1582 recovering 90% Mewar from Invaders. Mewar was greatest Failure of Akbar.

7. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj :- Who don't think about him in India? He didn't just destruction the Offshoots of Bahamani Deccan sultanates like Adilshahi and others however he likewise Fought and vanquished the Invading Mughals just as British. He ingrained the beam of new expectation in Hindus just as Bharatvarsha.

8. Maharaja Ranjit Singh :- Maharaja Ranjit Singh the originator of Sikh Empire.He squashed and Defeated the Afghan Invasions on India. The Khalsa Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was perhaps the best armed force and even British decide to have fellowship with him instead of showdown. Maharaja Ranjit Singhs powers drove by another Legend Hari singh Nalwa caught Kabul, Kandahar just as Peshawar.

9. Maharaja Suheldev :- Maharaja suheldev vanquished and slaughtered the Invader ghazi saiyaad masud salar who was Nephew of Mahmud ghazni in skirmish of Bahraich in 1031 and made sure about Bharatvarsh for some coming years.

10. Raja Marthanda Varma of Travancore:- He vanquished the Dutch intruders in skirmish of Colachel in 1741 and caught Dutch authority.



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