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Who are the top 5 actors like Akshay Kumar who ditched heroic image for villainous role?


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Indian cinema has always been huge in terms of mass and class. It had shared some great cinematic work to world cinema. The most important essential for a film is hero, artist or actor whatever people call, but they are one who represents the core character of a film.
Indian actors especially Bollywood actors never want to leave their comfort zone and always does what is best for their image, but there are still some big versatile and talented actors who ditched the heroic image for villainous role not just for an experiment, but to challenge themselves and make the audience believe that they can do more when what they believe or expect.
Actors who ditched the heroic image for villainous role.
Akshay Kumar
Rajiv Hari om Bhatia is known professionally as Akshay Kumar. He started his acting career in the year 1991 he faced man Ups and down like any new comer in business. At the start of his career he faced many flops But after khiladi film his named raised and he became Action hero khiladi ka khiladi. After being that he never stopped and continued his work with discipline and dedication .He showed us that being an actor and maintaining self for a long time is not easy. Form few years he has been doing a social issue based film but in 2018 he left his heroic image and did Robot 2.0 The film is being successful and praised by all critics .He did the villainous role in that film and did it great and he justifies his role completely.
Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh the most energetic actor of modern era he stated his career in the year 2010 with a film called Band Baja Barat which went a good start for his career after that he never stopped to entertain us all in many ways. There was a time when the audience didn't like him much, but he never viewed that side. He started proving himself worthy of what he is doing In year 2018 he played a villainous role in a film called Padmavati later called padmavat the movie faced many difficulties In releasing some said it is a historic depiction Some said it to her with some society, but at the end the film Released . Ranveer Singh played a negative role in that film. The role was of Alauddin Khilji his acting in that film was the Highlight he showed his best in terms of acting and the blew the audience's mind in that film.

Jim Sarbh
Jim Sarbh an Indian actor started his career in the year 2009 .He is also a theater director.Apart from Ranveer Singh’s performance As Alauddin Khilji, there’s one more actor who deserves applause for Playing the unsung negative role. Jim Sarbh, who plays Malik Kafur in The movie is equally stellar in his performance. And who doesn’t remember His performance in Sonam Kapoor starter Neerja in which he stood out Among the sea of amazing performances.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan is one of the top and most profitable actor In Indian cinema he had given some great films which cannot be replaced. He started his career in the year 1986 and he is still ruling in his line of work .He also ditched the heroic role in a film called Dhoom 3 It is a Yash Raj film franchise and he played a negative role In that film, film did well, but not much, but he still tried a Different type of role which is a big thing for an actor like Him, but he take it as a lesson.


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Amrish Puri

A standout amongst the most popular and ideal antagonist of Bollywood. Be it Karan Arjun or General ***** in Tahalka, he was extraordinary compared to other scoundrel happened to Bollywood. Amrish Puri acted in excess of 400 movies.