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Who came to India first, the Indo-Aryans or the Dravidians?


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There is no Aaryan or Dravidian .Aaryan Dravidian Theory is a silly hypothesis made by some finesse mischevious British European individuals with the assistance of a German Genius semantic researcher Maxmuller. For separation and rule legislative issues.

The word Aaryan is made by Germany etymological virtuoso Max Muller by adjusting a Sanskrit word Aarya which implies honorable individual in sanskrit. At that point after that Maxmuller made

Tamil dravidian ideological groups lawmakers in TamilNadu are utilizing this babble Aaryan Dravidian Theory and keeping it alive. Individuals in TamilNadu are indoctrinated since the beginning by Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu utilizing Aaryan Dravidian Theory.

As indicated by the Aaryan Dravidian Theory North indian individuals are Aaryans who are sanskrit talking fiends who came from Germany Persia and so on who were gifted heroes who annihilated Tamil language and culture around 1500 B.C to 2000 B.c

As indicated by Maxmuller Aaryan Dravidian Theory Sanskrit us an indoeuropean indopersian language which has similitudes with Indian Persian and European dialects as it were.

As per Maxmuller Aaryan Dravidian Theory Ramayana and Mahabharata stories don't exist.


Hindu God SHRI Krishna Dwaraka uber city civilisation that went into the ocean has been found under the ocean in Gujrath state in India. Referenced IN ANCIENT SANSKRIT LITRATURE.

Sanskrit is the most established language in India. Tamil language began to create after Lord SHRI Rama is conceived in 5114 B.C .Tamil language is second most seasoned language in India after sanskrit.

SANSKRIT language non just has likenesses with Persian European and Indian dialects. SANSKRIT language has likenesses with all dialects on the planet. Japanese word Naave for name is gotten from sanskrit word naamaha for name. Japanese car organization Yamaha comes from sanskrit word namaha.

Sanskrit language and Aaryan individuals didn't come to India from Germany Persia and so forth .It is sanskrit speaking Indian individuals who moved to different pieces of the world and sanskrit language has impacted different dialects on the planet. At the point when others in Europe Japan and different pieces of the world were attempting to create different kinds of dialects. SANSKRIT language was at that point an all around created language.



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