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Aditya Singla

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Who do you think will win the Rajasthan Election?


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The state government in Rajasthan is doing poor, battling anti-incumbency. No doubt! Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is struggling. A large population of the voters is angry at the government’s incompetence to deliver on its promises. Rajasthan, in fact, trades badly when compared with other top Indian states on economic fronts (if you care to look at non-sponsored reports). Also, the state has done bad socially with multiple riots between communities erupting over months and years.


(Courtesy: The Financial Express)

All in all, Vasundhara Raje government needs to go. (Congress coming into power is another worry, but that’s a different topic altogether.) And if we believe the opinion polls, BJP is all set to lose Rajasthan in the upcoming state election. Last time, in 2013, Congress was knocked to score only 21 seats out of state’s 200 seats. This time, the party is coming back with a big punch. According to an aggregate of C Voter and Times Now opinion polls, Congress will win 129 seats—a clear majority to form the government. BJP will be reduced from 163 seats to just 63 seats, taking back its opposition place. 

In fact, if we believe these opinion polls, Congress is slated to win all the three upcoming state elections—Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. However, the same poll says that BJP led NDA will form a government at the center. Even then though, if Congress manages to pull victories on all three states, it can very well swing the result of General Election 2019. 

rajasthan-elections-letsdiskuss  (Courtesy: India.com)

Personally, I find it hard to take these polls seriously. Certainly, the BJP government in these states (particularly in Rajasthan) has been doing rather poorly (unless you’re a cow). But them losing despite a decent support for the party from the middle and high-class population, it seems quite unfitting. Plus, say what you want, PM Narendra Modi remains the most popular leader in the country. It’s very unlikely that his brand won’t have any influence in the upcoming state elections. After all, it’s not a guesswork—all the big names in BJP will go all guns blazing in the election campaigns for the states. Keep a count of in how many rallies do our Prime Minister gets choppered down and how many hours does he spent talking about Pakistan, India’s pride, foreign policy, and ‘samshaan-kabrastaan’. 

I think BJP will win Rajasthan—albeit with a very (very) small margin. We might even see horse-trading and MLAs sales season, but BJP will form a government in the state. However, don’t quote me on this. The imprints of RSS from the social fabric of our country needs to go. Besides, Rajasthan deserves so much better than Vasundhara Raje government.


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Well said. Our country need acting Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers. Our problem is increasing cost of living and unemployment rather than social media trends and hashtags. Middle class will vote according to their living in day to day life. But  2 points will decide the results of elections. 1.Educated people are not voting and 2. the politicians are giving money for vote. so anything can happen


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