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Who is a better PM: Nehru or Modi?


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1) Let me start with certain examinations.
Mass Following:
Nehru was the main chief who was acknowledged both in North and South India after India got autonomy (Barring Mahatma). Recollect those were the days when there was very little media inclusion. Vallabhbhai Patel didn't have that after down south.
Not to fail to remember Modi got such an excess of following in view of media which helped him become the PM. However, subsequent to turning out to be PM he procured the accompanying numerous individuals (counting me) through his administration and difficult work. (I never observed an administration in India that is as responsible as the present of seems to be)
On turning out to be PM:
Nehru became PM in view of Gandhi if not Vallabhbhai Patel who had the help of Congress would have become the PM. Gandhi pick Nehru over Patel in light of the fact that Nehru was unfamiliar instructed and current in his reasoning and furthermore Gandhi dreaded Nehru would part the Congress party, which implies Nehru didn't have the consistent help of the Congress party.
Then again Modi acquired the consistent help of BJP beating any semblance of L.K.Advani and Sushma Swaraj. (If not for him BJP would have lost the races)
Nehru stood consistent with the standards of secularism.
Yet, I question if Modi or his gathering is pitching for it. They are doing whatever it takes not to control the heads of their own gathering who are fuelling the turmoil and barbarities (for the sake of religion).
It is the obligation of government to stifle such enemy of social components both inside the gathering, outside the gathering and likewise the nation.
Nehru was a vigorous devotee of communism he was consistently dubious of private firms. Consider the possibility that communism clicked in India. Government would make benefits by selling merchandise which implies more fortune with the public authority.
The changes being embraced by the Modi's govt. are amendments to changes as of now set up.
Yet, with Nehru it was not the situation
2) Coming to Nehru
Indo-China War:
Nehru was made PM in a circumstance when Indian was in clothes. He had to spend and focus on the issues inside the nation rather on the security of our nation.
So he kept up the best of relations with China by then of time since India can't manage the cost of a battle around then. It came as an amazement even to Nehru when China assaulted India.
Incongruity of today is I see individuals censuring Nehru for the misfortune without knowing current realities. It was the majestic desire of China that constrained the war.
Majority rules system:
In the event that it was not for Nehru who represented majority rules system regardless of all the chances, India would not be known as the greatest popular government on the planet as it stands today.
Pakistan issue:
Vallabhbhai Patel was one of the main congress pioneers to acknowledge the proposition of Pakistan and later others were additionally constrained to follow in order to counter the rising Muslim rebel development drove by (Jinnah incited collective viciousness across india).
Nehru had no real option except to acknowledge. He generally represented solidarity (incorporation of some august satisfies into India forcibly propose the equivalent)
4) Coming to Modi:
A great deal has been said and is being said on Modi in Quora so I would prefer not to emphasize all that.
5) Conclusion:
Nehru is probably the best thing that happened to India after autonomy.
Modi is the best thing that happened to India in the ongoing past.



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