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Vanessa Johnson

@letsuser | Posted on | Entertainment

Who is a Logan Paul and why is the internet talking about him?


Entrepreneur | Posted on


YouTube has become a major entertainment sector which caters to billions of users from all age groups and also gives stardom to many so called “vloggers” who document their daily life and put it on the internet for people to see and in turn make big bucks from the views.

This coming of age culture of daily vlogging has seen many people come and go. Logan Paul belongs to the American social media incubator and management company, Team 10 co founded by his brother Jake Paul. They too make YouTube videos, documenting their life and share a huge fan base of mostly pre-teenage and teenage kids. Recently, Logan faced severe backlash from the internet for uploading a video where in himself and his friends are seen touring a forest in Japan and they come across a dead body of a man who committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree.

He filmed the body and his reaction which could be considered age inappropriate content for his audience. Some people objected to Logan’s behavior in the video where he can be seen joking and messing around about the situation and many considered his reactions to be highly insensitive towards mental health issues and depression.

The fact, that most of his audience consists of younger viewers who look up to him is disturbing. In the course of some other videos that have recently surfaced online, Logan can also be seen disrespecting the Japanese culture and harassing pedestrians for the sake of “entertainment”. Logan Paul currently has a following of over 15 million on YouTube. And although, he released an apology for his misjudgment regarding content creation, the internet does not seem to be satisfied by his redemption. There are online petitions going around calling for Logan Paul’s removal from YouTube. Read More On: BillBoard


Travel Consultant at American Express | Posted on

A successful YouTuber with a over 14M subs. And an ex-viner.

He has a brother that’s also an ex-viner, and who also does YouTube. His brother is Jake Paul, Jake is trash, and cringy, and also have over 10M subs. And also used to star in a Disney show, but got banned from Disney, he’ll never be as successful as his brother Logan.