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Who is Anand Prakash and why did Tinder give him a reward of 4 lakh?


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Anand Prakash, is an Indian ethical hacker who finds bug in the systems of modern day technologies and gets paid for it. He has earned the name bounty hunter and finds loopholes in the company’s system to warn them in advance for cyber-attacks.

Coming from a small town in Rajasthan he never thought that one day he would get paid for his hobby. Since from the very beginning he was fond of technology and in the class VIII he got his first computer and started finding ways how to use internet connection for free and eventually, he came across one ISP setting loophole that by using certain settings he could use the internet as much as he liked without getting charged for it.

He is the founder and CEO of AppSecure India and even worked with Cyber crime Gurugram police to help them in solving cyber cases. He once reported a threat in Zomato's system that could have leaked data of millions of users. He has got 2nd position in Twtitter's bug bounty list in the world (2015).

Recently, Tinder has rewarded him over 4 lakh for reporting a vulnerability in their system that could have been a trouble for them in the upcoming time. He logged into Tinder accounts by using Facebook's Account Kit that lets people register for them by using just their phone numbers or email addresses without needing a password.

He found that an attacker could easily log into accounts by entering victim's phone number that doesn't verify them with OTPs and after getting the access token that gets stored as a cookie the attacker has full access to the victim's account.