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Who is considered to be the most beautiful woman in Hindu mythology?


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1. Mohini

2. Ahalya

3. Tilottama

4. Urvashi

5. Mandodari

6. Damyanti

7. Rukmini

8. Draupadi

9. Sita


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Naming just one woman in Hindu mythology who could be called the most beautiful would not be fair because there are many women who are worthy of this titles. Some of them are the reincarnations of goddesses, some were born as apsaras, and some were created by gods for some particular purpose.

Mentioned below are some of them.

1. Tilotamma

(Courtesy: Detecher)

The name is formed by joining two words, Til (sesame seed) and Uttam (excellent). So the name itself means a woman every small part of whose body is excellent and perfect. According to the mythology, Lord Brahma ordered the divine architect Vishwakarma to create Tilotamma.

Her beauty was so meticulous that even Lord Shiva, who was an ascetic, could not help himself to get lured by her.

2. Urvashi

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Naidunia)

Urvashi was also a woman who was not born but created. She was created from the thigh (Ur) of Narayan when he (in the form of Lord Krishna) and Nar (in the form of Arjuna) were meditating in the regions of Badrinath and Lord Indra sent Rambha and Menaka to break their meditation. Narayan asked the two apsaras to take Urvashi with them to Lord Indra.

She, from then on, became the most beautiful apsara of Indra’s domain, heaven.

3. Ahlya

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: d.facebook.com)

Lord Brahma created Ahlya from water, using up all his creative energy at once, to break the pride of Urvashi. She was so beautiful that Lord Indra tried to ***** her by taking the form of her husband, Sage Gautam.

4. Draupadi

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: SheThePeople.TV)

This fiery beauty was born out of fire itself. She was dark and magnanimous, and desired by almost all the men known in her time. The legend of her swayamwara are quite interesting as the competition among all the suitors was very high to win her over.

After these beautiful creations of gods, come women who were the reincarnations of some god or goddesses.

5. Mohini

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: VedicFeed)

Lord Vishnu himself took the form of Mohini, the ultimate enchantress, during Samudra Manthan (the churning of the ocean). According to the legend, when demons and gods were quarreling over Amrit (the elixir of life), Lord Vishnu emerged in the form of Mohini and convinced demons, luring them, to give the elixir to gods.

6. Rukmini

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Pinterest)

The princess of King Bheeshmak of Vidarbha, Rukmini was the woman whom all the men on Earth wanted to marry. But she was already in love with Lord Krishna, and even get married to him. She was considered as the perfect princess and as one of the most beautiful women alive on

Earth at that time. She was the reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

7. Sita

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology (Courtesy: Indian Mythology)

She was also the reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Daughter of King Janak, she is the most righteous and the purest beauty in Hindu mythology.

After all these alluring beauties come the ones who were actually women, born from another women.

8. Damyanti

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology (Courtesy: Naidunia)

She was the princess of Vindarbha, and had demigods like Indra, Yama, Agni, and Varuna, descend from heaven to participate in her Swayamvara. It was Nala, however, whom she fell in love with, listening about his virtues.

9. Mandodari

most-beautiful-women-in-hindu-mythology-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Fearless Indian)

She was the wife of demon Ravana and it is said Lord Hanumana mistook her for Sita when he came to take Sita back to Lord Rama.


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