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Kaushal Garg

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Who is going to score most number of goals in FIFA World Cup 2018?


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Everyone sports lover in general and football fans in particular in the world is suffering from football fever. The reason is obviously Moscow FIFA world cup 2018. As the days are go by football fans craze and involvement will also increase. Football fans are debating about tournament winner, Golden boot winner and golden ball winner.

The player who scored most number of goals in FIFA world cup will be awarded the Golden Boot medal. Before 2010 it was called Golden Shoe award.
Let us concentrate on the sensational players of FIFA 2018 who may score the most number of goals.
Thomas Muller - The 2010 FIFA winner of Golden Boot award Thomas Muller of Germany is everyone's choice for most number of goals in FIFA 2018. This Bayern Munich player is famous for his determination, effort and tireless running. In the absence of Miroslov Klose, everybody is looking forward to Thomas Muller to lead in goal scoring for Germany in Russia. He was the top scorer in 2018World cup qualifiers with 5 goals.
Lionel Messi - Leonel Messi of Argentina is in great form this year. He scored 45 goals in 54 match in this season. Messi never disappointed his fans and Argentina when in need. Messi was main force in driving Argentina to 2014 World cup's Final. But alone he could not bear the pressure from Germany and as usual Argentina failed while in pressure. But in this season after Barcelona's win Messi scored more goals than anyone else in Europe.
Christiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro - Whoever watched yesterday's match between Spain and Portugal will have no doubt about Ronaldo's chance of scoring maximum goals in this FIFA world cup. He scored 26 goals out of 27 for Portugal since 2016. Although he scored 3 goals only in previous world cups, the goal machine has already grabbed everybody's attention.
Neymar Jr - Brazil's Neymar Jr is the new phenomena in football world. He was the main player behind Brazil entry into semi final in 2014 FIFA world cup. But injury refrained him from playing in that match. But his dramatic entry in the friendly matches was admired by everyone including his fans. He will not be a captain for name sake but will lead the Selecao Canarinho to victory with maximum goals.
Kylian Mbabbe - Kylian Mbabbe of France is often compared to Thierry Henry. He is very swift in his action, burns defenders with his pace, and a very good scoring record in this season. His score of 21 goals and 11 assists in the last season is a pretty decent for a player who is yet to turn into 20. Everyone's eye will be on this French sensation.
This suspense of who will score the maximum goal will be out by this next month. Let us enjoy the game and praying for our favorites.


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Neymar from Brazil