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Kaushal Garg

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Who is going to win FIFA World Cup 2018?


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While the fans around the world have their hopes high for Brazil, Argentina, and Germany, many experts believe that Columbia can surprise everyone and win FIFA world cup 2018. The team looks solid. And their build-up to the tournament has been equally exceptional. And when it comes to preference, Columbian star James Rodriguez has outpaced the likes of Neymar, Mesut Özil, Sergio Romero. He also has a great season with Bayern Munich. So, all eyes are really on him.
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And I personally want him and his team to perform better. It would really be very good for the game to have an unexpected and underdog team win the tournament. I mean, not that Brazil and Argentina aren’t good. They are. But let’s admit it, they are far too mainstream. And there are so many players and teams, who are much better at this moment.

The only reason I am rooting for Argentina is because of Messi. As one of the greatest football players of all time, he ought to have the biggest award on his resume. And given he’s 30 years old already, by the next FIFA world cup 2022, he’d be really old and not be in his prime. So, it’s really one of the best times for him to bag the cup for his team and even surpasses the legacy of Maradona.
As for Ronaldo, as much as I like him, it’s very unlikely that Portugal will win the tournament. The team simply lacks the skillful dribblers and scorers who can create the magic. Except for Ronaldo himself, and maybe Andre Silva and Pepe, I don’t really see anyone else. So, I am not even going to pretend that they could win.

Poland and Spain are another teams to look out for. They both seem to be in a great form with a very good line-up of amazing players. I would also love to place my bet on Sweden. I don’t know but for some reason, I want Sweden to at least qualify to the finals, if not win FIFA world cup 2018. It’s maybe because I am very impressed by forwarder John Guidetti and Robin Olsen. I have seen both of them play for Alves and Copenhagen respectively. And I have gradually become their fan.

All in all, for this FIFA world cup 2018, I would like to place my bet on underrated teams; Columbia being the first one.