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Who is more emotional in a boy and a girl?


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Women are emotional, true. But consistent with a recent study, men may alright be more emotional than their female counterparts. The only difference is men hide it better.

In this study, conducted by neurologists at Mindlab, men are literally far more sensitive than women when it involves being presented with emotional stimuli.

The study took a gaggle of 15 men and 15 women, sat them down, had them watch a series of videos you'd expect to trigger emotional responses and measured their responses via skin conductance electrodes.

The content was categorized into four areas: blissful, exciting, heartwarming and funny.

The results showed that men had stronger emotional reactions to every of those areas. When it came to the heartwarming content, men responded twice the maximum amount as did women.

In a separate survey conducted by an equivalent company, 67 percent of those men later went on to admit they really felt more emotional than they disclose .

While the study was conducted on a small group of individuals and those individuals were all parents, one cannot say for certain how well this applies to all men, however, it does add up that guys are more emotional than women.

Sensing more, feeling more, experiencing more, understanding more, interacting with the world more, that is a strength, an advantage -- not something to be ashamed of.

Boys are taught to be ashamed of the emotions they experience, in order that they grow into men

who are both emotionally confused and in denial.

Emotions aren’t meant to be suppressed. They don’t necessarily need to be paraded for everyone else to see -- even though there isn’t anything intrinsically wrong with that -- but they ought to be accepted and understood. Otherwise, the build up can kill you.

Men’s egos tower women’s egos.

Whether this is often biological or just learned, I’m not certain. Although, I’d wager it’s mainly the latter.

Regardless of why the planet is that the way it's , the very fact is that men have bigger egos than women.