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Ajit Bhandari

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Who is most knowledgeable politician in current Indian politics?


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Though Indian politics has got a thousands of politicians in store, there are only a handful of them who have completed their basic as well as secondary education and deserve to be our leaders.
In the current scenario, I admire two politicians- Varun Gandhi & Shashi Tharoor. Go on YouTube and search for their speeches, talks and you will have an idea why I chose them.
Shashi Tharoor, quite well known for his vocabulary, style of delivery and wits is a St.Stephens College Graduate and justifies the education he has received.He has represented India for various talks, seminars and bilateral meetings. He has also written various books, "Why I am a Hindu" & 'Jugaad" being one of the most exciting reads.
Varun Gandhi is also a lesser known politician son of the NDA minister Meneka Gandhi.
He is a poet, columnist and writes his heart out and without any political biases.LetsdiskussSmiley face


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Nirmala sitharaman!!

She is serving as a minister of defence and is an active politician of bharatiya janta party.
She being minister of defence is epitome of women empowerment and is inspiration to many out there!!

She is India's second female defence minister and a former national spokesperson of BJP.

She is a motivation to all women that women are not only meant for household work.
They can and they should trust themselves and let their work speak for them.

She has also served as a state minister for finance and corporate affairs. She excellently managed the defence ministry and is giving woman goals in this patriarchal society.