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Who is the fakest Bollywood actor-actress?


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Well, the question is quite subjective. ("Fakest" in what sense.)

Moreover, the answer would be quite opinionated and would vary widely among different people. (After all, no one walks around with consensus of "fake" label on their head!)

That said, there are more than enough Bollywood actor and actresses who come off as fake in terms of their ideas, ideologues, and advocacy.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: SRS Creation)
Akshay Kumar seems quite fitting on this list. We have a guy who's now consistently making movies that have the nationalist undertone. (Very likely because of the current political scenario in the country when such movies are more profitable than ever.) He's sermonizing on desh-bhakti. He's sermonizing on Indian army and whatnot.

And guess what? He isn't even an Indian. The moment he got the opportunity, he opted to become a Canadian citizen, leaving behind all his ideas on the pride of being a Hindustani.

(To think, in comparison to Akshay, there were months-long debates and even violent protests when Aamir Khan said that he and his wife think if they should leave the country due to the surging intolerance -- it looks quite hypocritical and mind-boggling.)

To that, we've heard Akshay sermonize, rightly so, on women's rights, rapes, gender crimes. And yet, when Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment, not only did Akshay say nothing but he also went on to do the movie with Nana. Not that Nana Patekar is proven wrong. However, prima facie, he should have taken a stand (along with the majority of the Bollywood actors and actresses) for all that he preaches on women in movies and on Twitter.

fakest-bollywood-actor-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: NDTV.com)

Vivek Oberoi is another name that should prominently be put on this list of fake Bollywood actors and actresses. This is not because he was a part of a propaganda movie and tried his best to manipulate the voters right before the general election. This is because he was caught on camera taking money to post favorable content for the current government on social media. (Remember Operational Karaoke? A sting by Cobra Post!)

fakest-bollywood-actor-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: DNA India)

Many other Bollywood names were caught on camera in this sting by Cobra Post who were selling their ethics. But they are relatively less-known!

Amitabh Bachan, too, looks quite fake in his ideas on social issues. He makes these movies on key issues and passes strong moral remarks but when it comes to taking a stand, he usually takes a step back. Plus, he is also labeled with corruption charges. Of course, there are many others in the industry just like him.

fakest-bollywood-actor-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Stars Unfolded)

There are many other names that can go on in this list of fakest Bollywood actors and actresses. Again, the name varies in opinions.

Besides, who cares?! No one can judge others. They will do what they have to do. Maybe they are right. Maybe they are wrong. Let them do them. Let us do us.

Aside from the cheap thrill, this question and answer don’t make any sense.


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I'm preety certain.. Nobody is more phony than this entertainer:

She is one and only most excellent most youthful lady on the planet and just entertainer who won generally number of excellence titles in whole history!!!!

Ohh.. I neglect to make reference to than she is likewise an IITian!!!

Goodness… It's actually so noteworthy the manner in which she has adjusted both the things!! She should get an honor for this… genuine excellence with cerebrums!!

Presently you have comprehended that who is she..

She is one and only Urvashi rautela!!


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