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Sks Jain

@ teacher student ptofessor | Posted 30 Apr, 2021 |

Who is the father of sociology?

Vanisha Anand

Student | Posted 07 May, 2021

 Sociology is the study of social life, changes, and the significance of human behaviour. Sociology is a field of study which examines and also explains the matters of personal lives and the communities including the world.  
Auguste Comte,the French philosopher who was born on January 19, 1798 in Montpellier, France is known as the father of Sociology. Sociology in the early 1830s was referred to as the scientific study of society. He believed that the development and progress of society depends on the scientific, metaphysical and religious theories. 
He focused on the knowledge based facts which solves the problems with evidence and not following allegory. 

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Memoona Meer

Blogger, Market Manager, HR Manager | Posted 30 Apr, 2021

Auguste Comte is the father of sociology.