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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted | Entertainment

Who is the most intelligent actress in India?

News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted

Now on this one, the opinions might widely differ, as there are thousands of actresses in India. But in my opinion, Parvathy is the one actress I found to be the most fascinating and intelligent of them all. But over here, the meaning of intelligent doesn’t show her degrees and educational background, but a whole lot of things made me come to this conclusion.

The very first thing important in an actress is her judgment skills, and I found those in her. She chooses the films she wants to act in so very carefully, and always works in high quality material to keep her standards as they are. In her time of 11 years, she has only acted in 20 films, but we can say that all of them were phenomenal.

Now here’s an example. She acted in a Tamil film, named Poo, and played the character of a married village girl. However, in the film Charlie, she played the role of a rebel named Tessa, who had fallen in love with a nomad. So you can see how different both the characters she played are, but the best part is that she pulled both of them off so perfectly.

Really, hands down to one of the best actresses in India!


Blogger | Posted

Shobana, a best tamil/malayalam courageous woman in late 80's and 90's won Laurels for her execution amid her acting profession, and later began to focus on other artistic expression bharathanatiyam which she adores and has been an incredible educator to numerous understudies !


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