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Who is the richest news anchor in India?


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We have since long entered into the era of digital news. And with the ever-increasing competition in this field, only reporting news is just not enough. To stand out today, the news reporter has to not only report but present the news properly. Now to present the news if a distinguished manner is the responsibility of a news anchor. So due to the pivotal role of a news anchor in any news channel, they get very good salary packages.

The three of the richest news anchors in India are given below. You will realize how beneficial the profession of Indian TV journalist can be after knowing their earnings.

1. Arnab Goswami

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Scroll.in)

Arnab Goswami has now become a household name. Not only this, but he also tops the list of India’s richest news anchors. Arnab Goswami is associated with Times Now, and his monthly salary is INR 1 crore. Having started his journey with The Telegraph, he right now is the news anchor and editor in chief of Times Now and ET Now. But we all know it is not only for anchoring that he gets such a whopping amount.

2. Randeep Sardesai

richest-news-anchor-of-india-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Highlights India)

He is also a known name in the field of journalism. He currently works for India Today and Headlines Today and his annual package is of INR 10 crore. Randeep Sardesai is not just a news anchor but also a writer.

3. Barkha Dutt

richest-news-anchor-of-india-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: oneindia.com)

Barkha Dutt is quite popular for her sharp anchoring skills. She is the senior journalist in NDTV, and where she is getting INR 3.5 crore annually.