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Anita Pandey

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Who is the second miss universe?


Lara act to be done was the second indian to bag the crown

She was previously topped as Miss across-the-earth 1997 .

And, that' not all! Lara received the highest written music in

the swimming dress competition and her last division of music

or play meeting written music is the highest individual written

music in any group in the history of the Miss universe make

arguments against .

It is not a secret that Lara act to be done is a that making a

thing beautiful with brains . This was put examples on view

of when she scored the highest possible Marks in the history

of the Miss universe make arguments against .

After this she was topped Miss universe 2000, making

history as not only the most beautiful but also the most

intelligent young woman to damage this crown in the history of Miss universe.

Lara was born in ghaziabad Attar Pradesh, India , on

April 16, 1978 . Her father is went away Wing military chief of .

act to be done and her mother is Jennifer act to be done .

Lara has sisters , one of whom serves in the indian

Air Force, and is the son or daughter of ones

father's or mother's brother or sister of within sawhney .

In 1981 the act to be done family put in a different place to

bangalore And she was put one's name down

in St . Francis Xavier girls' High School where

she studied till her 10th standard , and later

did her First Year and Second Year Junior College

at the Frank Anthony Public School . After taking a

degree from school, she then went on to make money

for a degree in economics from Bombay University

. She is expert with words in both Hindi and English .

In 1997 Lara put one's name down and coming after

won the Miss gladrags competition, leading her to

represent India at the Miss across-the-earth, and thereafter

being topped Miss universe in 2000 in cyprus making her the

second indian to come out on top in this having respect Award .

After completing her Miss universe undertakings to do,

she received several offers from bollywood motion picture

makers, and starred in andaaz in 2003, which won her much

recognition , and she coming after won the best female coming

out Award from put in mind of .

from that time on, most of her movies failed to make a mark at

the box office, however, she did become having general approval

and a family house name . Some of the movies

she is put or kept in mind

for are 'last', 'No Entry , 'all', 'partner', hey baby ' among others .

She is also experienced for her sense of humor, And a

power, be good at for writing . She has now announced

that she will write rough writings, and hopes that one day

some-one from bollywood will make motion pictures out of them .


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