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Brijesh Mishra

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Who said, “We can win without Kohli, we have Dhoni”?


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Asia Cup 2018 is going on, and prior to it, many cricket-related personalities were commenting on the preparations and the series, along with on the absence of Indian captain Virat Kohli from the series. All of us were waiting to see the performance of Indian cricket team in the absence of their captain, and after the much talked about defeat of India in Test series in England.

In the press conference of Indian Cricket Team, Ambati Rayudu said that undoubtedly, Virat Kohli would be missed by the team, and his absence would prove very disadvantageous to the team, but we still have many good players in the team who are enough to ensure victory for India. One such player is Dhoni, who is the former Indian captain, and knows very well how to tackle adverse conditions.


When asked about the preparations of World Cup 2019, Ambati Rayudu said that Indian team’s whole concentration is on Asia Cup right now.

It would be after Asia Cup that India will start preparing for World Cup. He also called team’s middle order a bit fluctuating. Such comments of Rayudu have been speculated to be a step towards making his place in the next World Cup.

Now what’s to be seen is whether BCCI’s decision of allowing Kohli the rest after England test series and before the World Cup, would bear fruits or not. In the absence of Virat, we have seen players like Hardik Pandya getting out of the Asia Cup due to injuries. Had India’s entire focus was on Asia Cup, it would not have let go Virat Kohli for an entire series.  

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