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Who was stronger, Hirnakashipu or Sahastrabahu?


Army constable | Posted

Sahasrabahu  was more grounded than Hiranyakashyapu in abilities and ability as a champion.
However, in the event that u mull over their aids, Sahasrabahu will always be unable to vanquish Hiranyakashyapu. The last had a shelter from Brahma that he wouldn't be killed by any being of Brahma's creation(Sahasrabahu was one of them), he was unable to be killed at day or night, inside or outside and in the sky or the ground. For this, Lord Vishnu needed to exceptionally manifest as Narsimha, the half lion structure to achieve the passing of this ground-breaking evil presence.
That, however he likewise had numerous amazing weapons, which effectively makes him an imposing hero to manage even without his help.
Sahasrabahu was a manifestation of the Sudarshan Chakra and Lord Vishnu again needed to manifest as Parshurama to execute him. He was exceptionally amazing and was one of the not many folks who could flaunt that they had crushed Ravan(as per Uttara Kanda). He had persecuted the Gods with Indra at their head and had set up himself as one of the most remarkable antagonists ever.
So Sahasrabahu was prevalent without   shelters yet on the off chance that the aids are thought about, he won't have the option to murder Hiranyakashyapu.



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