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Aditya Sehgal

Blogger | Posted 21 Oct, 2019 |

Why a Doctor Loan? Where and How to Apply for it?

Aditya Sehgal

Blogger | Posted 21 Oct, 2019

You can apply for a doctor loan at all leading financial institutions and NBFCs who provide such professional loans. This tailor-made credit facility is granted to suit the specific requirements of a health practitioner.

You can avail a loan for doctors for –

  • Setting up a clinic or hospital.
  • Clinic or hospital renovation.
  • Purchasing medical equipment.
Keep in mind – if you choose the option of doctor loan, you can utilise the funds for personal purposes like bearing the cost of overseas education or wedding expenses.

Such credit facilities are provided only to doctors, medical and health practitioners.

Why avail a loan for doctors?

Doctor loans assist medical practitioners to fulfil their diverse financial requirements. These customised advances come with no end-usage restriction, making them a popular loan option among medical practitioners.

With this credit facility, you can procure up to Rs. 30 Lakh worth of unsecured advances such as personal or business loan for doctors. In case of a secured loan for doctors like loan against property or home loan, you can avail substantial sum of up to Rs. 2 Crore. 

How to apply?

Follow the steps to apply for doctor loan –

Step 1: Fill the application form with the necessary details like name, contact number.

Step 2: Submit the relevant documents such as identity proof, address proof and proof of income.

Step 3: Have your loan approved within 24 hours.     

Following these 3 simple steps to successfully apply for a doctor’s loan conveniently and benefit from the most repayment-friendly loan terms and features.