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why am i losing subscribers youtube?


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YouTube is one the best platforms to exhibit your talent. Be it singing, dancing, teaching, reporting, comedy, etc. From anything to everything it gives freedom to showcase whatever you have, no restrictions and no boundaries! 
It actually helps you to get connected with people all over the world. If viewers find your video relatable they'll surely watch the complete thing which adds up to your earnings in your YouTube channel account. Every view and the watch timing pays you, so try to keep the graph upward. But why do people start losing their followers? Every thought why your channel is not paying you as you expected? 

Start look at the reasons!

1. You are uploading similar videos on your channel and people are now finding it boring.
2. You have nothing interesting, nothing new which can actually attract viewers.
3. The video is either slow or fast and the message is not getting communicated properly. 
4. People do not find it relevant.
5. Audience is now following another trend and you are still following the old trail.
6. You are not active on your channel. This means that the last video you had posted was long time back and people are losing their hopes making them unsubscribe your channel.
7. Your channel does not look appealing, it's quite unprofessional so people think it is useless.
8. You are not responsive, i.e, you are not replying to the comments, people want to know about you! let them know who you are. Feel free to get connected with the audience. 
9. The content of the video is not impressive and the quality of video is also bad.
10. You are not giving life to your channel.

Unless and until you infuse the blood in your channel with your hardwork, this won't work! 
Get Active!
Let it live!


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