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Why are cars costly in Nepal?


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It is difficult to own a car in Nepal for many reasons, but the main reason is that it costs 1.4 times more than the average income of people living in Nepal.


This means that if you are lucky enough to have an average monthly salary of $300, then owning a car will cost you over $1400 per month. And this doesn't include gas or insurance!

Here are some reasons cars are costly in Nepal.

1. The cost of importing cars is high and the taxes on cars are also extremely high.

2. There are only a few car companies that make cars for Nepal, which means there's not much competition to bring down prices.

3. Many Nepalese people don't have access to credit cards or loans, so it's hard for them to buy a car even if they can afford one

4. The government imposes heavy import tariffs on imported vehicles that make them more expensive than they need to be.

5. The lack of roads makes transportation difficult and time-consuming, which increases the price of gas as well as other costs associated with running a vehicle.