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Why are non-Hindus not allowed into Jagannatha Temple?


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Holy: Jagannath Shrine is among four most holy places in Hinduism-Badrinath ji (North ), Rameshwaram ji (South), Dwarka ji (West) and Jagannath Puri ji (East).

It is trusted Lord Narayana washes in Rameshwaram; ponders in Badrinath ji; eats in Jagannath ji and afterward rests in Dwarkadeesh puri .

Secretive: It is among the most strange Hindu sanctuaries that is known for its sacrosanct ceremonies . Its golden calves are treated as living gods who are concurred VIP treatment 

Assaulted: Well, this consecrated place of worship was desolated by Islamic intruders lead by Kala Pahad - a Hindu general turned muslim devotee. Its servitors (clerics ) got away with the primary symbols to a distant island

Decimation: According to antiquarians; this sanctuary town has been assaulted commonly for strict and political reasons. No big surprise, its ministers frequently covered hallowed symbols in obscure places.

Affectability: Well, as it has been assaulted oft and once more; numerous lovers are defensive about it.

Albeit, Supreme court of India has convinced sanctuary specialists to let non Hindus enter the consecrated altar yet its ministers are not convinced.

Rath Yatra: Well, all Hindus and non Hindus can have darshan or uncommon look at Lord Balbhadra ji, Subhadra ji and Lord Jagannath ji during yearly Rath Yatra-a sacrosanct otherworldly excursion.

Non Hindu enthusiasts are likewise permitted to have extraordinary darshan from the top of the close by Raghunandan Library and furthermore offer their appreciation to the picture of Lord Jagannath at the fundamental access to the holy place.



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