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Jessy Chandra

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Why are people getting addicted to painkiller these days?


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Painkiller addiction has taken a serious turn these days and has its own reasons. We have often visited a physician for the complains related to body ache and pain, and he has often written a prescription for us asking us to take medication named Opioid, more commonly known as ***** or Narcotic.

Initially they are taken by doctor’s prescription, but later there emerge many more reasons of consuming these medicines. Some of them include,

• These drugs do not only relieve pain, but also give a feeling of well-being.
• They have the ability to take you to a state where you feel detached from everything, and hence are relieved.
• People start using the pain killers to get high due to such effects.

According to a report on Narcotic abuse, “in 2013, some 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on opioid medications”.

Doctors now call it Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). This happens to a person when:
• People feel unable to stop using them.
• Having physical symptoms when they try to stop.
• Their daily routine starts getting affected without the use of these medicines.

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A good question indeed. You acknowledged a very important problem in humans these days –addiction to painkillers. And for this, they themselves are responsible. Because of the busy life that people live today, they don’t take care of themselves as they should do.

The irregularity in sleeping and eating schedules make us weak physically and this makes our body suffer. This means that people don’t even have time for the pain they experience in their body and hence they don’t pay attention even to that. With all these problems, pain killer seems an easy and quick solution. This has made people pain killer addicted.

• Killing pain through medicines seem the easiest way to people who don’t have time.

• Some people have incorporated medicines in their routine like regular diet. They tend to take medicines even before they feel pain.

• Sometime stress and tiredness are mistaken as headache and body ache which makes people take pain killers unnecessarily.