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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why are there no waves in the Rameswaram sea?


Accountant, (Kotak Mahindra Bank) | Posted on


There could be plenty of reasons behind that. Also, note that it’s not just Rameswaram Sea, but many other seas where you would not find waves.

The most common reason that’s tossed around is that the water level is very shallow there. While I haven’t been there myself, I have heard my friends say that they can walk in the clear water till like a half a kilometer. If that is really the case, no wonder why there are no waves and the water is so calm.

Plus, other reason could that there aren’t any tectonic plate movements. Also, another theory is that the wind there isn’t strong enough to move waves.

Of course, given the lack of any definite research, these reasons why there are no waves in the Rameswaram Sea are quite hypothetical and speculative.

But here’s a thing you need to understand. Whatever the reason why there’s no wave must be linked with some scientific explanation. Don’t give this a religious shade by calling it some kind of miracle. Because it isn’t!


Blogger | Posted on

In real its not all that that breeze causes the waves.....

I as understudy of geography state that its WAVES that cause the breezes to blow..

Amend.. Temperature : Air thickness : Dynamic Force

I figure it will dismiss the hypothesis of 'wind causes waves in seas'..

Your inquiry is the reason there is no waves in Rameshwaram ocean.


*) Seasonal water channels running starting with one spot then onto the next all through the world seas. They cause climate changes. Most significant thing is that they may cause float movement in ocean waves, in result ocean waves are created.

*) Tectonic developments of mainland plates may likewise cause the sea waters to move.

*) Some creators state that in moon light the seas are in high waves. might be Law of Gravitation in

Divine Bodies is applied here.

Precisely behind Rameshwaram sanctuary, the sea is of Shallow water type. Means, essentially there are no waves in the sea.