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Priya Gupta

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Why can’t India and Pakistan be friends?


Blogger | Posted on

I believe India and Pakistan can surely be friends. But before that, Pakistan have to answer this:-

A. The 26/11 attack: A handful of terrorists killed our Indian brothers, made many wives widow and made many children orphan. Pakistan needs to answer this.


Delhi Press | Posted on

It’s like saying why can’t land and sky meet each other. Because they can’t!

In both countries, India-Pak enmity has always been the hot topic for politicians to bank on. Thanks to mainstream media, the idea of nationalism is at its extreme end. In fact, in Prime Times, there’s hardly any talk on real issues (hunger, unemployment, poverty, farmers)—all they are talking about is Indo-Pak differences, even encouraging war.

Now the viewers are more sensitive about this topic. Even the worst of individuals, with countless cases going on him/her, will get major cheers and support if they stand and verbally demolish Pakistan. That’s the tipping (and dangerous point) we’re at right now. And this makes it very easy for the politicians to appeal their voters. They go to the distant villages and don’t talk about development. They talk about Pakistan/India and get widespread support even when the condition of that village – healthcare, education and so forth – has nothing to do with the neighboring countries. Because that’s how the mainstream media has prepared the voters to respond!

Understand this pattern. Media is influencing the viewers. Viewers get sensitive. This makes opportunities for the (worthless) politicians. And with now politicians talking about the enmity with the other country, new channels follow.

This happens in both the countries. And this is the BIGGEST reason why India Pakistan will never be friends. Ever. Because of vile politicians and equally vile media.

And the worst part?

These media houses manage to convince the viewers that falling relationship between Indo-Pak is out of seize-fire violation and terrorism from the other side. Their narration is – “they started, we’ll respond strongly.” (Again, happens both sides!) And they successfully manage to hide their own propaganda and flaws.

If India and Pakistan goes to war, who will win?



accountant at Indo Gulf Garments Trading LLC | Posted on

Companionship between two people isn't troublesome anyway it requires huge endeavors and shared agree to manufacture a long standing kinship between two states. To cut the pursuit, there ought to be shared opinion or point between two states to become companions.

With regards to India and Pakistan, sadly there is an exceptionally uncommon chance the two states will at any point become companions to one another.

The possibility of kinship among states and nations is ridiculous and flawful. In the cutting edge time, the connection between two nations remains upon shared intrigue and exchange. There is no assurance that the two nations will remain companions of partners perpetually as their land and household needs will get changed with the progression of time.

Why India and Pakistan can't become companion to one another, here is an extremely strong explanation.

The establishment of Pakistan remains on Islamic Nationalism which is conflicting to Indian Nationalism. I have interfaced with various Indians and seen most of them isn't persuaded with the possibility of Pakistan to till date. From state authorities to everyday citizens, I have run over numerous examples where they (alluding to Indians) looks like Wagah fringe with Berlin divider and they have a conviction it will get broken one day. Pakistan and Pakistanis as a rule don't acknowledge such musings.


@letsuser | Posted on

India and Pakistan can't be friends because pak always play double game and they are also the main cause of terrorism.