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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | Sports

Why can-t India produce quality fast bowlers but Pakistan produces them easily?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Here’s a common thesis…

There’s a family that’s filled with doctors. There’s a 10-year old kid. That 10-year old is now more likely to become a doctor than be a street artist. Because he’s being groomed in an environment where everyone discusses and encourages being a doctor. His ideas and mindset would be shaped accordingly.

If you run back into the history of Indian and Pakistani cricket, you can apply the same thesis.

Pakistan always had that ecosystem where being a fast bowler is a much appealing and favorable option. And this was brought about by the legend Imran Khan, and Sarfaraz Nawaz prior to him, who created an unparalleled legacy as a fast-bowler that every aspiring cricketer in the country wanted to be like. So, the country produced more recognized fast bowlers. Because being a fast bowler was the big part of their conversation.


(Courtesy: Times of India)

On the other hand, India always had an ecosystem where being a batsman is more of an appealing option. And this was brought about by the examples set by the likes of Legendary Gavaskar, Vengsarkar, Viswanath, Vijay Hazare, and then Tendulkar. They inspired millions in the country to not just be a cricketer but to become a batsman. So, over the decades, the country kept producing magnificent batsmen.

sunil gavaskar

(Courtesy: ESPNcricinfo)

Viswanath, Vijay Hazare

(Courtesy: Cricbuzz)

I believe this is the fundamental reason why Pakistan has produced more quality fast bowlers to date and why India has produced more quality batsmen. It’s a culture that’s created by the legends in the game. On one side, there are millions who want to be the Imran, Akram, Akhtar and Younis. On other side, there are millions who want to be Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Dravid, and Amarnath.

imraan khan

(Courtesy: Cricket Australia)


(Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

Aside from this, I am sure there are many other reasons why can't India produce quality fast bowlers but Pakistan produces them easily – including the structural and perception challenges.

Hope this answers your question.


Blogger | Posted on

I think its a blend of numerous elements.

1) Genetics

2) diet

3) Attitude

4) Heros

1) Genetics is the key component. Its false that Indian Pakistani are same as the area, presently known as Pakistan have various races living here than indians. Having said that the Indian Punjabis have comparable hereditary qualities however rest of india is extraordinary. I mean in the event that you are living in UK, you can tell a Pakistani from an indian without any problem. Indeed, even goras can tell that these days. We are generally greater individuals than our indian companions in addition to appearance can likewise differentiate. The thing which convinced me that there is something in particular about hereditary qualities is the indian Arm wrestling crew which bombed wretchedly twice against us when they visited Pakistan. Players who played against them said that indian players are at any rate 100% better than us in fact however their quality levels were equivalent to that of a tenderfoot arm grappler of pakistan. Also the english Pakis effectively make it to top games like aamir khan and sajid mehmood. Be that as it may, it still doesnt demonstrate that indian hereditary qualities are second rate as there could be numerous different variables.