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Why did a fan hurl a shoe at actress Tamanna Bhatia?

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We live in the world full of miscreants and on Sunday the actress Tamanna Bhatia came across such one when she was in Hyderabad to attend the opening ceremony of a jewelry shop. A so called die-hard fan of her hurled a shoe at her and sent chills down to her spine by a few inches missing her.

This incident shocked her to the core and security personnel around her acted swiftly and grabbed the culprit before he made any further nuisance. According to reports, the arrested culprit is identified as Khareemulla who is from Musheerabad and calls himself a 'die-hard' fan of the actress.

On asking him why did he throw a shoe at the actress, he said that he was not happy with the actress not working in Telugu films anymore. The person has been taken into police custody and a case has been registered against him.



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