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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted on | Sports

Why did not Jadeja celebrate Kohli’s wicket in IPL?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

I agree with your answer but maybe jadeja thought that virat kohli is the captain of current Indian team and he gives some respect to him by not celebrating his wicket, his chances to play for Indian team increase.


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

It was a quite surprise for everyone that Jadeja did not celebrate after taking the wicket of world's no.1 batsman Virat Kohli. Actually, Jadeja was going through a rough patch, in the previous match when CSK faced KKR, he had a bad day with ball, bat and even in the fielding department.

He made 12 runs off 12 balls, batting at the death. He gave 39 runs and picked up only one wicket in his quota of four overs. But, more crucially, he dropped two catches on consecutive balls of KM Asif of Sunil Narine. It was an unforgettable night for him.

Coming back to the CSK and RCB match, Jadeja came to bowl in the seventh over, the right after the power play, he rolled his arm over, got the ball to land on a good length, and skid with the angle. The result?Virat Kohli, got clean bowled. The reaction? Nothing from Jadeja but a shock to Kohli.

Jadjea didn't celebrate because it was his first ball and he was not ready for a celebration. Of course, he was in a bad mood due to the previous match against KKR.