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Why did Sarojini Naidu say that Mahatma Gandhi-s poverty is very costly?


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We as a whole realize that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as Bapu or Mahtma drank milk of goat.
In his book, late Khushwant Singh, citing Sarojini Naidu has expounded on Gandhi and the goat milk.
It is said the goat was kept in slick and clean spot, it was washed with latrine cleanser and was taken care of with dry leafy foods proteins !
It is assessed that the upkeep of the goat ? was to the tune of ₹ 10 every month !
₹10 every month during 1940 in any measure was a colossal sum.
Nothing unexpected that Sarojini Naidu, feisty, straightforward lady who was absolutely undaunted by his developing hero status (by the principles of the 1930s) and worldwide VIP upbraided Gandhi for his endeavors to live in neediness, as a semi-loner, in his ashram on the banks of the Sabarmati River, around then on the edges of Ahmedabad. "Do you realize the amount it costs each day to keep you in destitution?" she is rumored to have asked him. Gandhiji's reaction is obscure, however it is clear he was not irritated, in light of the fact that he realized the allegation was valid.
Pundits of Gandhi and his techniques multiply in India. There are likely more evident specialists of his way of thinking far and wide than in his local nation. Why would that be? To a greater extent a prophet-isn't regarded in-his-own-nation condition? Not exactly. Perhaps on the grounds that so much empty talk is paid to his beliefs by lawmakers and strategy producers in India, while millions keep on living in destitution, without any sort of fundamental framework. Pundits characteristic the disappointment of progressive ages of Indian pioneers to Gandhi and his message in light of the fact that any Indian legislator at drop of the cap swears in Gandhian standards yet displays the way of life of Baron ! This fraud has bombed Gandhi and today more individuals question Gandhi.



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