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Why did Yash Raj Films ban Shraddha Kapoor from their movies?


Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted

Shraddha had a three film manage YRF. Clearly after YRF's Love Ka The End, Raj Films asked Shraddha to film Aurangzeb according to the agreement. In any case, Shraddha picked Aashiqui 2 and wouldn't do Aurangzeb. Furthermore, the agreement broke. After that Yash Raj Films didn't take Shraddha into any film till date. From that point, it was accounted for that Shraddha and YRF's Aditya Chopra are not on acceptable footing with one another.
But,she trusts he will call her for a film sometime in the future.
During the shooting of an anticipated scene of VIP talk show "Koffee With Karan", Shraddha was asked by host and producer Karan Johar in the event that she actually shares a sincere relationship with Chopra.
"He is continually going to be my guide, consistently," said Shraddha.
Karan johar asked - "All in all, regardless of what water went through that connect's everything OK now?"
Shraddha reacted by saying: "Admirably! I am simply sitting tight for the day when he calls me and lets me know, 'Shraddha I need you in a film'.



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