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parvin singh

Army constable | Posted 08 Feb, 2021 |

Why do Hindus worship the cow?

Rubina Desai

@Rubina | Posted 20 Feb, 2021

they believe it is a spiritual animal

manish singh

phd student Allahabad university | |Updated 12 Feb, 2021

Hindus regard, respect and revere the cow. To the Hindus, the cow is an image of the Earth, the nourisher, the supplier and a supplier. It is an image of beauty and plenitude. By and large, Hindus view all living animals as hallowed. Mahatma Gandhi once said " One can quantify the significance of a country and its ethical advancement by the manner in which it treats its creatures. The cow represents respect, strength, perseverance, maternity and magnanimous assistance. In the Vedas, cows address abundance and happy Earthly life.

The cow is venerated as Kāmadhenu, the heavenly, wish-satisfying cow, as the cow addresses the giving idea of life to each Hindu. Every one of the five things we get from the cow (milk, dahee, ghee, cow excrement and *****) is exceptionally hallowed to us, as we utilize these in some type of love. Likewise, every appendage of the cow is a seat for all the various parts of God. It is likewise said that Dharti/Prithvi Mata, the Mother of the Earth, appeared as a cow to ask Lord Vishnu for help, as she was experiencing the heaviness of sins being submitted.

यदीच्छसि वशीकर्तुं जगदेकेन कर्मणा।

परापवादससेभ्यो गां चरन्तीं निवारय॥

- चाणक्य

Rishi Chanakya says, "On the off chance that you wish to cause the world to do your offering by doing one activity, at that point pursue off the cow (the tongue) nibbling in the field of grains (of accusing and reviling others)."