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ashutosh singh

teacher | Posted | Education

Why do IAS or IPS officers have to salute uneducated or criminal leaders?


teacher | Posted

That relies upon the IAS/IPS officials. They may/may not salute government officials.

In any case, scarcely any things here to consider is -

Is progressive system useful for Indian culture? It could be acceptable insofar as individuals don't begin abusing their force or indicating power to others. IAS/IPS officials likewise request these force/authority over others.

Is majority rules system great? If it's acceptable ,India is a vote based country and in India ,individuals or their agents (government officials) are the most impressive.

Are lawmakers uninformed? Truly ,there are numerous yet many are instructed as well, in the event that you think about training as being graduate. Lawbreakers? - truly ,practically every one of them are bad. In any case, aren't IAS/IPS officials bad? Do you think every one of these tricks occurring in a dept. throughout the long term and the secretary(IAS) of the dept. has no clue about the debasement ? Do you think Indian police which is considered as the most bad association ,is such a lot of degenerate and their chief (IPS ) has no clue about the defilement.

Are IAS/IPS officials instructed? Indeed, they are. However, there are millions more taught individuals in India. Individuals befuddle UPSC test as a degree course and that the individuals who get chosen turns out to be exceptionally taught. UPSC is only a profoundly serious test for most esteemed govt. work (IAS/IPS). Qualification measures is simply graduation. So no, a large portion of the IAS/IPS officials are very little instructed.

So, it's redundant for government employees to salute legislators ,on the off chance that they view themselves as more instructed than lawmakers. Similarly, they ought to likewise not see themselves as profoundly taught or look for regard and authority in light of the fact that there are a huge number of individuals more instructed than IAS/IPS officials in India.



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