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Why do Indians decorate the wedding bed with red roses?


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You may have watched in many Bollywood flicks how a typical Indian wedding night looks like. The bride enters with a glass of milk and the room is decorated with flowers and the bed with rose petals, and lots of different fruits beside the bed.

But, not all movie ideas were invented, some were brought from tradition. Wedding beds are usually decorated with red roses because the red color naturally portrays love and happiness. Moreover, roses are known as sedative in nature and the scent of roses builds up the mood for physical and mental intimacy.

Rose petals are also helpful in calm your nerves, no matter how you tired you are due to all the wedding stress, roses can naturally relieve stress.



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Yes, almost all Indians indeed decorate their wedding bed with red roses. No doubt the vibrant color and smell of red roses help the bride and groom to enjoy the day more. The bride seated on the wedding bed dressed up with beautiful red roses is a treat to watch. Right!

1.We all know that the wedding day goes hectic for both bride and groom. These red roses or the smell of them helps to calm down the nerves and provides an instant stress relief effect.

2.The petals of red roses help in the exchange of all the emotions between bride and groom in a non-verbal fashion. Interesting. Right! Not any other roses because red roses are the signs of passionate love.

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3.You want to make the ambiance of the room soothing and romantic on the wedding day? Welcome red roses on your wedding bed and feel the magic.

4.Red roses on the wedding bed is a mood enhancer for the bride and groom for getting close to each other mentally and physically.

My question to every bride: a glass of milk on hand, roses on the bed on wedding night with that special person! Feels heavenly. Right!