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Akshay Mehrotra

Student | Posted on | Health-beauty

Why do men have a very hairy body?


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Men have a very hairy body. Yes, this statement is true. But hair growth is also noticeable in some women in some body parts but very less compared to men.

Then what may be the reason behind it?

Men are more prone to body hair than women due to the presence of testosterone hormone in men.

Genetics also plays a main role in the growth of hair. How? You, having huge hair growth have genes more reactive to the testosterone hormonal effects in the body.

Now you all may not have a clear idea about testosterone. Well, it is a hormone that boosts hair growth in men and is responsible for many other positive reactions in men's health. The testosterone hormone has nothing to do with women. It is all about men.

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Another reason may be hypertrichosis. Men with thick hair on the chest, back, hands or face are often found suffering from hypertrichosis. But do not worry, this is not any disease. But just a disorder in the body as a result of which men's bodies look so hairy. Interestingly, this disorder may also be noticed in women for which little hair are visible on their body as well.

The question remains why hair growth differs from men to men!

No doubt some men have less hair growth while some have huge hair growth. The reason behind it is the level of testosterone in men. It means the body of some men produces high levels of testosterone hormone. So we find them very hairy.

On the other hand, some desire to have hair in their body to look good. But unable to achieve it as their body produces low levels of testosterone.

Is the fact true that men's health has a deep connection with their hairy bodies?

If not deep, but surely healthy and not disadvantageous for men's body. So those men who have very hairy bodies must not feel embarrassed. Because it is natural.

In fact, in a survey, it has been found that thick chest men are more intelligent than others. It may be a coincidence because there is no scientific reason for the same.

It can be concluded that there are many men hormones out of which testosterone helps in the growth of hair in men's bodies.

So men, be proud of your hairy body as it makes you look handsome and healthier. And girls do like males with hairy bodies and intelligence at the same time.


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